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What is a drafting table?

A drafting table is usually reserved for professional use in careers such as architects, artists and engineers as they allow for large volumes of paperwork to be readily viewable at a glance. However, whilst their use and application is somewhat specialised, the selection of drafting tables that are on offer for the consumer are exceptionally varied indeed, and the best drafting tables may not be readily apparent as it is all based on personal requirements as well as budgets.

The price of a drafting table varies enormously with a low-end drafting table priced at a hundred dollars or so, with a premium drafting table priced at thousands of dollars. Now obviously this is a dramatic price difference and so it is imperative that the consumer educates themselves so that when it comes to purchasing a drafting table, they make the best choice. Do not fall prey to the pushy, forceful selling tactics of over eager salespersons, who will be all too keen to try and sell you the most costly drafting table. This article will outline some of the basic factors you should consider when browsing prospective drafting table.

When it comes to a drafting table, by their very nature, they are much heavier, sturdier and require more space than your ordinary, run of the mill table, so be aware that you maybe constrained by the amount of physical space you have available. You may find it of some practical use if you were to take a measurement of the dimensions of the room where the potential drafting table is to be installed, so as to give you a better idea of the maximum size you can utilise. Perhaps you can move some of the furniture already present in the room so as to clear more space for the drafting table. Size is significant on two levels because you will need to have a drafting table that obviously is able to comfortably and safely fit into your room but which is also sufficiently large enough to allow you to fulfil your work. If you are involved in major, complex architectural or engineering projects, you may need a very large and fully featured drafting table in order to do your best work. This may sound like a trivial difference, but a craftsman is only as effective as his tools.

The nature of your work is also significant in terms of not only the size of our drafting table but also in terms of the type of drafting table that is most suitable. For example if you are involved in a lot of graphics work and therefore will be likely to be seated for extended periods of time then you will probably not need a drafting table with an adjustable tabletop.

If you are buying a drafting table for the first time and are unsure as to the best type of drafting table for you, then you may want to buy a smaller drafting table as these typically tend to have only a singular range of motion. Thanks to this, and also given their smaller size, this makes it far easier to gain access to the behind of the drafting table so as to carry out any and all adjustments you may have. Using a drafting table effectively is almost an art in of itself, you will need time and experience to find the optimal working angle that is, the angle, which will allow you the greatest degree of control over your work.

As mentioned earlier in the article, there are a wide number of different drafting tables available for sale on the market, each different type of drafting table has been specifically created to best fulfil a particular set of criteria. For example, a fantastic benefit of a wood drafting table is that they can be fully customized according to whatever criteria you stipulate which makes them perfect for say the storing of materials, or perhaps a personal computer system. Folding draft tables do exactly as their name suggests, thanks to their lightweight and ergonomic design, a folding draft table can be packed up and stored away if you ever need to have extra space. The only downside to a folding draft table however is that they tend to last the shortest period of time of all the different types of drafting table.

Be aware that a drafting table like any other tool or piece of professional equipment is also liable to wear out and need to be replaced as time progresses, and a common mistake made by consumers when confronted with the steep pricing of some drafting tables is that they are automatically drawn towards the cheapest model. Don't risk compromising the quality of your work by using a sub-standard table which is not suitable for your type of work, sometimes paying extra in terms of the original sale price can actually net you massive savings in the long term. They maybe the most expensive of all the drafting tables models available, but when it comes to durability and a long term lifespan professional drafting tables cannot be matched.

The significance of drafting tables simply cannot be underestimated, or understated. Despite the recent surge and emphasis in recent years on computer- assisted programs and software to help with graphic designing, many professionals still use pen and paper designs with their blueprints. The reasons for this are not merely a nostalgic sense of loyalty, but primarily that graphic designs drawn on a drafting table are not quite as easily copied or manipulated, as so often is the case with software.

This rudimentary form of copyright protection however has proven itself highly effective, and given the prevalence of data manipulation and other forms of overcoming copyright barriers, it is just as well. Some drafting tables incorporate electric motors to provide the up and down and angle adjustment of the drafting table surface. These tables are at least as heavy as the original oak and brass drafting tables and so sacrifice portability for the convenience of pushbutton table adjustment.

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