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Choosing The Right Drafting Table

If you are an engineer, architect, fashion designer, artist, city planner or just someone who enjoys crafts, a drafting table is a necessary piece of furniture for you. However, in order to make the best purchase, you have to find one that is exactly fit for your purpose. Here are a few of the most common kinds of drafting table and their distinguishable characteristics:

1. Professional drafting table

This is probably the most common kind of drafting table. It is the kind used by architects in creating their designs. The professional drafting table has an adjustable height and a movable surface. Some of them have a special section for your computer, and they function as the complete workstation.

2. Artist's drafting table

If you are an artist who does a lot a sketches and drawings, the artist's drafting table will work best for you. The surface of this type of drafting table is very broad, giving you a lot of space for your work. Furthermore, it can tilt by as much as 90 degrees which is good for flexibility and comfort while working.

3. Folding drafting table

If you like to take your work with you while traveling or if you just move around a lot, you might want to consider using a portable or folding drafting table. Besides being easy to put away, the folding drafting table is also very lightweight so it's no hassle to carry around while you travel. It also takes up very little space while in storage.

4. Four-post drafting table

This type of drafting table is more stable and also much heavier than other kinds. They are usually made from wood just like the drafting tables of long ago and are commonly used in schools and other place where heavy-duty tables are needed.

5. Craft table

This is a special kind of drafting table designed for crafts lovers of all kinds. It has a wide surface for laying out craft materials and usually has little drawers for containing the craftsperson's little knick-knacks.

Once you have chosen the type of drafting table that would work best for you, you must decide on how big you want your table to be. These are rather bulky pieces of furniture so the amount of free space in your room will limit the size of drafting tables you can choose from.

Finally, it is time to take a look at the prices. Drafting tables are usually priced at about a hundred dollars upwards and some can even cost several thousands of dollars, especially the antique oak models. To help you get the best deal, you should definitely go online so you can compare the prices of drafting tables from different stores.

You must take your time in selecting the right table since this will definitely be a large investment for you. Once you have purchased your drafting table, all you need to do is take good care of it and it will be with you for a very long time.

type of drafting table
folding drafting table drafting table type of drafting table