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A History Of Drafting Tables

A drafting table is typically a broad work table whose surfaces can be tilted at an angle. Today, they are used by many different kinds of people such as the architect who is planning a building design or the fashion designer who is cutting fabric for a new outfit or even kids who want a large space to build their Lego city.

Although a standard drafting table of today looks very modern, these pieces of furniture have actually been around for quite a while now and the original designs are quite different from the ones that we can see today.

Before the 20th century, the usual drafting table was usually made from oak and was extremely heavy. Once it has been positioned in a room, it would normally stay there for many years. An oak drafting table could be used for all types of heavy work and was made to withstand a lot of weight and pressure.

There are also the decorative kinds of drafting table adorned with brass and other metal trimmings. These types of drafting tables were typically found in the libraries or studies of ancient homes. Because of the durability of wood, many of these antique drafting tables are still being used today. If you want to buy these pieces today, you will find that they are considerably more expensive than the modern varieties which are made from metal and other lighter materials.

During the 1940s, the drafting table became popular as a worktable for architects especially with the onset of World War II. Because of the larger demand for drafting tables, manufacturers started building them using lighter materials such as steel. The new kind of drafting table was very portable and some could even be taken apart and reassembled for easier transportation and storage. The price of a steel drafting table was also much less compared to the ones made of oak.

Today, the focus of manufacturers of the contemporary drafting table is more on the comfort of the user. This is why a normal drafting table would have an adjustable height so it will be comfortable to work whether you are sitting or standing. There are also some drafting tables that come with their own adjustable lighting. Many tables have built-in drawers for the user's tools as well.

The work of architects and designers these days are made easier with the use of computer software so a lot of modern drafting tables also come with an attached desk for either a desktop or a laptop computer. The ergonomic design of the modern drafting table makes it easy to work long hours with minimal discomfort.

Contemporary drafting tables come in many different designs as well and in order to choose the best, you have to consider your profession. For example, an artist's drafting table will be slightly different from that of an architect or those that are used in schools.

The most common materials used are still wood and steel. Wooden drafting tables are reminiscent of the original oak designs and are usually chosen for aesthetic purposes. Steel tables on the other hand are more lightweight and exude a contemporary look.

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